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Where Scared...

Becomes Care.

Spending countless hours searching the internet and social media to learn about hernias and hernia treatments often produces more anxiety than answers.

A common condition like a hernia should not cause concern and panic. Through knowledge, it’s possible to overcome the fear that may be preventing appropriate care.

From research to recovery, helps patients confidently navigate their treatment options with surgeon supported educational resources.

Is this bulge a hernia?

Find the answers to all of your questions related to symptoms, causes, risk factors, and diagnosis of a hernia. 


Optimal Care Starts with Options

There is not a one size fits all approach to hernia repair, which is why it's important to understand all your available treatment options.

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Take Your Hernia Care Personally

As hernia patients seek a more proactive role in their care, the time is now for healthcare providers and medical technology companies to respond by enabling a more personalized approach. is the direct result of an alliance between experienced hernia surgeons and TELA Bio who believe better hernia care starts with an empowered patient that understands all their available treatment options.

Take Your Hernia Care Personally